Sunday, January 26, 2014

Welcome to Bingeflix

Long story short, I made a New Year's Resolution to watch MORE television. Also I wanted to keep a running list of shows I'd seen the complete run of. I love to recommend things for other people to watch so if there's something you think I should check out, check the lists and suggest it!

Instead of binging/bingeing through one series after another, I'm breaking it up by watching three series at a time. I knew that once I gave in and finally started watching Doctor Who I would probably be sucked into the universe of it. I've managed to keep to my dumb self-imposed rule of no more than 3 episodes of a show in a night, but just barely. I'm currently on Season 3, episode 3.

The second of my current shows is Attack On Titan. I am not a fan of anime. I do everything I can to not watch any of it. I'm nine episodes in right now and while it's a REALLY REALLY good show, I don't expect to be watching any more anime(with the exception of further seasons of AOT. It's really good!)

My third current show was the Netflix original House of Cards, but I finished the first season's finale while creating this blog. I hope to have a new show selected before Monday.

I have a lot of research and typing to do for the Lists on the side. That's where I'll be keeping track of my progress. I will also do some short videos where I try to convince my chihuahua to cosplay as "Dogtor Who".

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