Monday, January 27, 2014

Site News 1/27/14; Today's Watch

Hey all.

Over on the right is a poll for which show is going to replace House of Cards in the rotation banner. Vote and share the page and follow me on social media and all that. I'll eventually throw together a site logo so the background has some color.

Tonight I watched the Royal Rumble. The main event itself was great, probably the best Rumble I've seen, right up until the end. I had heard this was the plan for Wrestlemania XXX(roman numerals) but I was hoping it wasn't true. It looks like I'll be watching Monday Night RAW on the DVR for a couple of months because while I love a ton of wrestlers who aren't currently in the main event picture, the two guys who are bore me to no end. I'm actually glad to know ahead of time that I can turn off Wrestlemania early this year because as of now, I don't care who wins the main event.

Today I'll be watching:

Doctor Who 3.4 "Gridlock"
Attack On Titan 1.10 up to 1.13, TBD
Bob's Burgers (DVR)
Monday Night RAW(until I shut it off)


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