Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sugar Picks the "Big Game"

So much DVR

It's a big Thursday so I'm just going to jump right in to it.

The poll over on the right allows voting up until a couple hours after the Big Sunday Football Game, right now there's a tie between Portlandia and The IT Crowd, so get your votes in. And also share the page to get your pals to vote for the show you like so that YOU win(by proxy) and everyone else LOSES.

Here's everything on TV worth watching tonight:

Parks & Rec -- Last episode for Ann Perkins and Chris. I will miss these two characters immensely, but I will miss Rashida Jones more because she gives me the tingly peaches. I don't know what that means either but it's probably disgusting so ignore me.
SNL Sports Special -- Clip show woohoo!
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
King of the Nerds 

Last night I knocked out two Doctor Who episodes, 'The Lazarus Experiment' and '42'. I've started multitasking(playing Hearthstone while the show runs on a smaller screen) and it REALLY helps power through the more "monster-of-the-week" type episodes.

Here's everything from the last two days of DVR I have to catch up on:

American Horror Story: Coven(avoiding spoilers for this has been maddening)
Broad City(watch this show or you stink)

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Midweek Milieu

1.) Vote in the poll on the main page if you haven't already.

2.) I might be putting Attack On Titan on the bench for a while. I'm ten or eleven episodes in and too much time is being spent making pained facial expressions and having flashbacks to things that happened earlier in the series. I just watched two episodes in a row where the main characters sat in the same place having flashbacks and retelling the story, and it all supposedly spanned about 2-3 minutes of realtime. This is not action horror, it's needless exposition. I'm trying to work my way through television shows and I can't do that if I don't want to hit the play button.

3.) On the Doctor Who front, I just finished 'Daleks in Manhattan' so I have the conclusion of that to look forward to later.

4.) If I shelve Titan I will replace it with a show not on the poll. I will eventually come back and watch it/

5.) There's another 9lb pork butt in the fridge and I'll be smoking it Sunday for the Puppy Bowl and I guess that football game afterwards. A writeup or how that turns out will be on the BBQ blog.


Face Off


Monday, January 27, 2014

Site News 1/27/14; Today's Watch

Hey all.

Over on the right is a poll for which show is going to replace House of Cards in the rotation banner. Vote and share the page and follow me on social media and all that. I'll eventually throw together a site logo so the background has some color.

Tonight I watched the Royal Rumble. The main event itself was great, probably the best Rumble I've seen, right up until the end. I had heard this was the plan for Wrestlemania XXX(roman numerals) but I was hoping it wasn't true. It looks like I'll be watching Monday Night RAW on the DVR for a couple of months because while I love a ton of wrestlers who aren't currently in the main event picture, the two guys who are bore me to no end. I'm actually glad to know ahead of time that I can turn off Wrestlemania early this year because as of now, I don't care who wins the main event.

Today I'll be watching:

Doctor Who 3.4 "Gridlock"
Attack On Titan 1.10 up to 1.13, TBD
Bob's Burgers (DVR)
Monday Night RAW(until I shut it off)


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Welcome to Bingeflix

Long story short, I made a New Year's Resolution to watch MORE television. Also I wanted to keep a running list of shows I'd seen the complete run of. I love to recommend things for other people to watch so if there's something you think I should check out, check the lists and suggest it!

Instead of binging/bingeing through one series after another, I'm breaking it up by watching three series at a time. I knew that once I gave in and finally started watching Doctor Who I would probably be sucked into the universe of it. I've managed to keep to my dumb self-imposed rule of no more than 3 episodes of a show in a night, but just barely. I'm currently on Season 3, episode 3.

The second of my current shows is Attack On Titan. I am not a fan of anime. I do everything I can to not watch any of it. I'm nine episodes in right now and while it's a REALLY REALLY good show, I don't expect to be watching any more anime(with the exception of further seasons of AOT. It's really good!)

My third current show was the Netflix original House of Cards, but I finished the first season's finale while creating this blog. I hope to have a new show selected before Monday.

I have a lot of research and typing to do for the Lists on the side. That's where I'll be keeping track of my progress. I will also do some short videos where I try to convince my chihuahua to cosplay as "Dogtor Who".