Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Midweek Milieu

1.) Vote in the poll on the main page if you haven't already.

2.) I might be putting Attack On Titan on the bench for a while. I'm ten or eleven episodes in and too much time is being spent making pained facial expressions and having flashbacks to things that happened earlier in the series. I just watched two episodes in a row where the main characters sat in the same place having flashbacks and retelling the story, and it all supposedly spanned about 2-3 minutes of realtime. This is not action horror, it's needless exposition. I'm trying to work my way through television shows and I can't do that if I don't want to hit the play button.

3.) On the Doctor Who front, I just finished 'Daleks in Manhattan' so I have the conclusion of that to look forward to later.

4.) If I shelve Titan I will replace it with a show not on the poll. I will eventually come back and watch it/

5.) There's another 9lb pork butt in the fridge and I'll be smoking it Sunday for the Puppy Bowl and I guess that football game afterwards. A writeup or how that turns out will be on the BBQ blog.


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