Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2/4/2014 Update: VGHS, The Genius, Super Bowl

We are back from Super Bowl Weekend with lots of news.

(1) the Super Bowl was great. I was rooting for Seattle so I really don't care how much of a blowout it was or how bored it might have made you. That defense was just filthy.

(2) Attack on Titan was taken out of the rotation and replaced with Video Game High School. I completed both seasons of VGHS while grinding out games in the Hearthstone open beta. I was really impressed by VGHS and am hoping they meet their season 3 fundraising goals. You can knock out the entire series in something like six or seven hours, and Netflix also has a making-of documentary.

(3) A surprise entry to the rotation is South Korean game show The Genius. As soon as I finish writing up this post I will get to my reward, which is the season 1 finale. I can, and probably will, devote an entire post to just this show. It's easily the best game or reality competition show I've ever seen. Remember how terrible season 15 of Big Brother(last summer) was? It's literally the exact opposite in how amazing and entertaining it is.

I have no one to talk about this show with!

(4) American Horror Story: Coven ended and it was okay but if the nine episodes in the middle don't have any bearing on anything then at least they were more fun to watch than the other four.

(5) The poll is over and Portlandia will be moving into the slot vacated by VGHS. Luther tied for the win so it will replace Doctor Who when I've finished it. There will be another poll up soon for the next show.

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